What’s Included?

  • Up to ten pages (about, products, recent news, contact, etc)

  • A mobile version of the website

  • Twitter integration

  • Social sharing network

  • Embedding of videos (if you have any)

  • A backend system where you can edit text yourself and create news articles and blog posts

  • A basic calendar system for events, if applicable

  • A quote request form, if applicable

  • PayPal links to your products



What Isn’t Included In The Fee?

  • Domain Name Registration and Web Hosting

    I can help you register a domain and select a web hosting package, but those are separate fees charged by separate companies (it’s around $10/year for a domain name and $60-$100/year for web hosting) that aren’t included. If you already have a website that you just want to update, chances are you’re already paying for this, so it won’t cost any extra.
  • Complicated Shopping Carts

    I’ll create PayPal links for up to ten items that you can sell on your website, but if you have hundreds of items to sell, my services aren’t for you.
  • Video Editing

    I’ll link to any videos you have, but filming and video editing is not included. I can do video editing for a seperate fee.
  • Graphic Design

    While I’ll make small changes to any images as needed, new logos and full graphic design is not included in this. I will use whatever logos/graphics you already have (and will change the color scheme to fit the web design for free). I am available to create new logos for additional fees.



What Is Your Payment Process?

  • Our 20-30 minute consultation is free. If you decide to continue after that, you pay $150 USD up front and the other $150 upon completion. You can pay via credit card, cash or check.



What Is Your Refund Policy?

  • If you’re unhappy with the final result, you have a week to ask for a refund. I will happily refund your money (but will also delete my version of the website).



How Can I Update The Website Myself?

  • The backend system is a friendly word processor that lets you change text and add images at will. I include a tutorial that shows you the basics.



Why Is This So Cheap?

  • I’ve been doing web design for over ten years, and have developed a tried and true process for building websites. Through years of experience, I’m able to build a professional-looking website very quickly, so I pass the savings on to you.



How Long Will This Take?

  • I will do my best to work with you on the timing, and can speed things along if you’re in a super time crunch. ¬†As a general guide, your amazing website should be perfected in about two weeks.



What Other Services Do You Offer?

  • Video editing

  • On location video filming and production

  • On location professional photography

  • Graphic and logo design

  • Image retouching

  • Social media guidance

  • One-on-one technology tutoring