Aggregate Google Reader Reporting

I’d like to know more details than just how many RSS subscribers a blog has. Google Reader reports your personal trends, but I’m not aware of an aggregate trend report. Imagine knowing some of the following stats:

  • The percentage of a blog’s posts that are read / total number of the blog’s posts (Would you rather have 1 post per day that 90% of your subscribers read or 20 posts per day that only 1% of subscribers read? This would hint at the overall quality of your blog / reader engagement)
  • Which of your posts are emailed and starred most frequently. This could be turned into a widget that you share on your site “Most Starred Posts” and “Most Emailed Posts”
  • A Top 10 “Most Emailed Posts” across all blogs list (both daily and weekly) just like the New York Times has
  • A Top 10 “Most Starred” across all blogs list — both by percentage of starred posts divided by times the post was read (this would increase visibility for smaller blogs), and just the number of times a post was starred (this would work out in favor of larger blogs, as I’d be interested to know which posts thousands of people find worthy of a star)
  • Last 30 days reading trends for each site
  • Subscribers added in past 30 days / Subscribers dropped in the past 30 days
  • Average number of subscriptions a user has

I’m sure Google could release even richer data. What kind of patterns would you like to find out about your blog (or someone else’s) ? Does anyone know if other readers have simliar trend reports? I know feedburner gives you your own site stats, but I have in mind being able to view data about all sites (that agree to it).


Individual Google Reader Sample Stats
Individual Google Reader Sample Stats