Can targeted advertising lead to cable free for everyone?

Would you be willing to give marketers your demographic information in exchange for free cable and the ability to watch ads that might actually interest you?

The technology exists to create a Google/Amazon-eque interactive television which would combine demographic focused commericals with user ratings and system recommendations.

Advertisers would pay more for a direct-cast (the commercial is only seen by the exact demographic target) instead of a broadcast (where 90% of viewers don’t care about your product).

Some features / details:

  • If you watch and rate enough commericals, you don’t have to pay for cable. It would be the same concept as currently occurs on sites like, but with better¬†(digital cable)¬†quality and on demand delivery.
  • The amount of your cable bill ajusted based on how much advertising you watch. Pay a regular cable bill price (or higher) if you fast forward all commercials. The more commercials you watch and rate, the more your bill goes down, until it’s free.
  • You can rate TV shows and episodes that you watch as you watch them. These ratings go into a database similiar to Amazon and NetFlix. The system then recommends other shows you might like based on other users’ behavior.
  • You can rate commercials so that the system eventually can predict which commercials you’ll actually like and which products you may want to know about. Perhaps I want to know about all new Will Ferell comedies that come out, but never want to see an Adam Sandler movie while you want to hear about all new electronics gadgets that come out and action movies.

Is this desirable? Feasible?