Customer Friendly Hours

Most retail consumer businesses open hours that make it inconvenient for people who work full time to shop there. Banks are one of the worst offenders, with many working 930-430, 9-1 Saturdays and closed on Sundays. Anyone working 50+ hour weeks is gonna have issues getting in there.

What if a huge bank started working teller’s hours that were good for consumers, and not for them? Early mornings (7am – 9am) and evenings (5pm – 9pm) on weekdays, and open normal 9-5 hours BOTH Saturday and Sunday? Some small banks do this, but they have yet to turn themselves into a nationally recognized bank for doing this.

Do you think if a major bank did this, it would become way more profitable than all other banks, or would all banks simply be forced to do this with no net gain for any single bank as a result? (Of course I believe consumers would have a net gain, but it might not be worth the large fee increases as a result.)

Is this collusion in not acting or finally an example of rational decision making?

“Let’s all keep short banking hours, it’ll help keep down costs”


“We’re not going to implement this because then all our competitors will, causing everyone’s cost of business to rise, without any additional revenue to offset it.”