The Economic Downturn’s Effect on the Net Gen

As much as I’ve heard about how the economic situation (shhhh don’t call it a recession) is affecting baby boomers who are getting ready for retirement, I’ve seen very little if any talk about how it will affect the Net Generation (those born somewhere between 1981 – 1994).

If this keeps going as it is, here are the circumstances many net genner’s may find themselves in:

  • Unable to find jobs after 16+ years of school work in the system
  • Losing jobs that they just started
  • Realizing how nonexistent job security is before they’re dealing with mortgages, marriages and other things which make you stay on the treadmill

When this is combined with the quick realization that most of the jobs they do don’t really matter, what will occur? My thoughts:

  • A large proportion of Net Genner’s will learn to hustle — they’ll make money by working free lance and starting their own small business
  • Corporations will be ever more hard pressed to find the next generation of leaders, as most of the true leaders will be creating their own company and not relying on others
  • Since big money jobs are no longer seen as secure, more and more people may start taking jobs doing something they believe makes a difference

Am I being too optimistic? Are net genners less likely to be laid off than older workers? Are there different effects I’m missing? Discuss.