Press Releases for All Academic Papers

Academic journals often suffer from being too technical for intelligent readers without subject specific knowledge to learn about the latest research in a given field. (Not to mention it’s impossible to read many of these papers without a Jstor subscription, which is expensive for an individual without university affiliations.)

Don’t academics want to influence public thought and let everyone learn of their latest discoveries instead of operating in pseudo-secrecy until (or if) a book comes out on the subject?

What if every published paper had a one page press release and a one paragraph abstract in actual understandable English? Important discoveries or ideas could be disseminated easier and to more people. Perhaps have an RSS feeds by departments and by tags.

The motto of these press releases would be “So simple, even a god damn journalist could understand it!”

(Quote paraphrased from John Boyd’s “I want this presentation to be so clear that even a god dammed five star general could understand it!”)